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Why You Haven’t Been Hearing As Much About VR Lately



October 2, 2018

A year or two ago every adult industry event and awards show was littered with nominees and companies claiming to be at the forefront of virtual reality in some way or another. This year, as the autumn show schedules end and everyone is getting back to work, it has been obvious that the public discussion of VR more subtle than it used to be, but some companies may misunderstand why that is happening.

“The truth about Virtual Reality, especially in adult, is that the market is maturing,” said Andy of “In the early days it was lots of studios and shooters trying to rig up homemade gear while figuring out ways to film for an entirely new environment. Now, most of the major players have identified trustworthy content producers capable of taking all the guesswork out of the equation, and updating sites for VR in the present is about the same as it was for traditional content orders in the past.”

WebmasterCentral launched their own flagship VR site where some of their content can be seen at, but the great majority of the content they film and some of the best award winning VR films are actually published on other websites owned by their clients.

“We don’t share our client lists obviously and our working relationships are entirely confidential, so nobody knows if the award you are holding is for content you shot or content we provided for you,” explained Andy. “What matters is that creating a new site in the niche or adding VR content to you existing site members area is now a simple phone call transaction.”

Rather than having many companies attempting to carve out a place in the production side of virtual reality adult entertainment, the competition has shifted to the publisher side as site owners seek out the best content to combine with their traffic as a new source of revenue and retention.

To see how easy it is to add VR to your existing site, or have an entirely new VR brand created for your virtual reality content, visit and contact the team today. Your new site can be packed with completely exclusive VR content in less than a week thanks to their ambitious production schedule and relationships with the top modeling agencies. It really is that easy.