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History & Background:

F.U.B.A.R. an acronym for Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition, is "The Adult Webmaster Resource Site" for party, conference, convention and event pictures and news relating to Adult site Webmasters.

FU.B.A.R. is also a name adult webmasters have come to depend on to show them who's who and what's what. Question: How can a site with such a wacky domain name be so successful? Answer: Pics, pics, pics!

Back in 1999 an AVS webmaster, JFK began to take his camera to adult webmaster events. He took pictures so he could keep the memory of good times alive. In 2002, he put his archive of photos online at

According to JFK: "It occurred to me that the pics might be of interest to people who didn't make it to the shows for one reason or another."

Webmasters were thrilled to see images of the parties, the babes, the craziness and players. JFK shows us our world and our people. Better yet, the attendees of these events loved seeing their pics on F.U.B.A.R. Other webmasters take photos but nobody does it quite like JFK.

FU.B.A.R. Today:

Today, FU.B.A.R. is one of the primary destination sites for serious adult webmasters. We attract a large audience of business people and entrepreneurs in the online adult entertainment industry. As the trade shows have become more professional, and the adult webmasters more sophisticated, FU.B.A.R. has followed along. While there are still parties that you probably couldn't tell your mother about, there are also seminars in the areas of marketing, legal, technology and other areas of business.

FU.B.A.R. brings all of this to you in pictures.

No adult webmaster trade show or event exists that we do not go to. We list all past shows and all future shows. We are a valuable industry resource providing entertainment and chronicling of adult industry events with a 10-year archive, and we have the most complete list of industry events and trade shows you can find anywhere.


Traffic & Stats: Our traffic is highly targeted and high quality. The majority of F.U.B.A.R.'s traffic comes from natural rankings in the major search engines. We have hundreds of rankings for adult webmaster related terms and links from several relevant sites.

Background: F.U.B.A.R. has been online since 1999 publishing all original content. We have personnel traveling to all of the shows. All attendees and a large audience that couldn't attend the shows come to our site to see what happened.

Value: F.U.B.A.R. offers one of the best values in targeted advertising to the adult webmaster and B2B market. We offer the lowest cost-per-impression and a highly targeted audience. You can add great value to your marketing plan by advertising on

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