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Webmaster Central Upgrades To Bootstrap 4 for Whitelabel Clients


May 30, 2018

Bootstrap has long been considered to be one of the most trusted front-end frameworks, with a loyal userbase that has adopted the “mobile-first” approach championed by Bootstrap 3. Easy to work with syntax and the award winning support team of Webmaster Central allow virtually any site owner to leverage the world’s best library of adult media content with only the most basic understanding of HTML and CSS. Now the entire platform is being upgraded to Bootstrap 4 with some important innovations in place.

“Any change to a working environment is something that has to be thought through completely before any decisions are made” explained Gabe of “Now that we have examined all the new features and tested everything for reliability, we are proud to release our Bootstrap 4 front-end for all of our clients to benefit.”

Bootstrap 4 offers complete browser support for pretty much every browser that has ever found an audience: Safari, Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer are all fully supported. The Grid system of Bootstrap 4 puts a lot of emphasis on customization, making it possible for white labels to differentiate themselves even more from any other sites distributing similar content.

“For me it’s the fine details that make the switch so important” added Gabe. “Now the new default font is easier to read, new Spacing Utility Classes have been introduced so you can control horizontal and vertical space on the pages more easily, and with just a few minutes of editing you can give any website a much more unique and professionally designed look.”

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