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Forbes Reviews WankCoin, Calling It: The Inevitable Adult Currency


May 29, 2018

In a recent report published by Forbes, the financial services trade magazine reviewed WankCoin cryptocurrency and deemed it the inevitable adult industry token for consumers and merchants.

The Forbes analysis was neatly summarized when author Curtis Silver stated emphatically that, “The best thing about WankCoin, besides the ability to purchase porn with total anonymity, is that it already works. Unlike so many token sales before it, WankCoin is active and has established partnerships. There is a real-world application that exists and is working. So credit to the blockchain-bros on getting this done and putting a working coin out into the world, not soaking investors with some dream of a magical token for some service that we didn't know we needed. We needed to purchase porn in a secure and private fashion. WankCoin, so aptly named, does exactly that.”

Recently WankCoin converted the entire allotment of coins to version 2.0 ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum platform. The move adds an important layer of reliability to the tokens, and anyone holding the version 1 coins can easily convert them forward by simply logging in to their account and using the one click tool in their wallet. The team also released a unique white paper, available publicly on the website. According to Forbes analysts, "the aptly titled "Wank Paper Version 1.0" white paper from WankCoin was not only strangely readable, but was probably the most professional white paper I've read. And I've read way too many white papers."

 That's likely because WankCoin is backed by a management team with more than two decades of experience working within the adult industry, leveraging a keen understanding of all the payment processing, compliance and risk management challenges that face site owners every month. The WankCoin tokens solve many issues for merchants and simultaneously protect consumers from the many forms of predatory billing practices that a small number of unethical site owners have misused in the past.