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ManicaMoney Invades Italy by powering PinkoHD.com and PinkoShemales.com

Author: Manica Money
Topic: Internet News
Posted: 2013-10-14 14:15:13

Building on the momentum of several recent acquisitions, ManicaMoney.com is now making a strong move into the Italian adult entertainment market by powering the online presence of Pink'O, the most popular XXX studio in Italy, with two terrific sites for affiliates to promote: PinkoHD.com and PinkoShemales.com.

The Pink'O brand was founded in 1995 by Mr. Rudy Franca and has gone on to establish a unique place in the adult film market by capturing the distinct flavor of Italy for porn fans. Brining fresh new ideas to each scene and filming fan favorite models, they have captured a massive segment of the Italian adult market and continue to produce top quality full HD studio porn, with state of the art equipment and an eye toward new ways to merge technological cinematic advancements with the raw sexual power of world famous performers.

"Dominating the Italian market for years is an impressive accomplishment" said Erwin de Boer, VP of Online Media at Manica Media. "This deal positions us properly to help push the Pink'O brand and their five star catalog of content to new heights on an international level. It's obvious that the Pink’O team is great at what they do, and we have been looking forward to working with them for a while because this deal also represents a unique opportunity for all of our new or existing affiliate webmasters to monetize their Italian traffic at an even better pace."

The new Pink'O paysites from Manica Money are available in multiple languages to suit all audiences and the content is being partitioned into two distinct sites to allow for better niche traffic targeting by affiliate webmasters. Gay and Shemale traffic will do best on the tour featuring pre-op and post-op transsexual performers while a variety of heterosexual traffic, especially traffic from Italy, should do exceptionally well with the PinkoHD tour.

Affiliates and traffic partners seeking to cash in on the biggest thing to ever hit the Italian world of porn are encouraged to sign up at www.ManicaMoney.com today or contact sales@manicamedia.com to discuss promotional materials and premier campaign arrangements.


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