Webmaster Access East - Montreal


Dinner Wednesday Evening


Seminars - seminars were held on the topics of "Newbies:Keys to Success", "Where's the Traffic", "Newest Legal Issues", "Content is King", "Processing Updated" and "State of the Industry"

The Ultimate Poutine and Beer Happy Hour at Peel Pub - sponsored by Gallery Traffic Service, G3X, Executive Stats, and MakeFuckingMoney

WarmUp Party at Club Living - sponsored Reality Cash & JoinRightNow

Daily Lunch - sponsored by V.O.D. TopBucks

Lunch at Restaurant L'Altitude 737 - sponsored by LiveBucks

Dinner at Buona Notte - sponsored Gamma Cash

Poker Party - sponsored by MyVirtualCard

Party with Web Girls at Club Exit - sponsored by CCBill and

2much.net Winner's Celebration Round-out Party - sponsored by 2much.net at 2much.net Offices


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