Toronto Webmaster Summit 2003 Galleries
Sponsors - Spread4u,, Lovesexxy, Python, DarkDollars, Netpond,
Adultbouncer, Piecash, Dollarmachine, Staminacash, Paysitehosting
, Fetishbrokers and of course F.U.B.A.R.

Toronto Sights - Shots of some of the sights of Toronto as well as other miscellaneous pics

Welcome Party - sponsored by Spread4u
A social get together to kicking off the show. Held at the Hard Rock Cafe featuring "Elvis Manson" in concert (Brent from Python Video is the guitarist )

Strip Club Party- sponsored by Spread4u, held at the Upper Brass Rail Megabash - sponsored by, held at "4 Your Eyes Only"

Seminars - location Delta Hotel

Sunday BBQ - graciously hosted by Odie & Brad

More pics here - courtesy of Shann

More pics here - courtesy of Feynman

Just as a side note there was also The Grand After Party sponsored by Lovesexxxy which we did not manage to attend. Due to technical difficulties with the camera and being unable to get it fixed (stores closed for the holiday weekend) there are a reduced number of photos for this show.

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