Phoenix Forum 05

Tempe Mission Palms Hotel

Dinner @ Drinkwater's City Hall Steakhouse - sponsored CCBill

Phoenix Frenzy - sponsored by Cash Titans, Smashbucks, Webair and Yankscash

GigaGolf Networking Tournament- sponsored by GigaCash



Lightspeed Dodgeball Tournament - sponsored by LightspeedCash, Adult Lounge, Worldwide Content and YanksCash

Beer & Wings For All - sponsored by,, Executive Stats and G3X

Forum Welcome Reception

GayWebmasterCash Kickoff Party - sponsored by Cybersocket , Bedfellowcash, BadPuppy, DirtyBoyVideo, Epoch, ManSites, NakedSword, PrideBucks and YouLoveCock.

XXXBash - sponsored by XXXCash

Friday Buffet Lunch

"Slam Dunk" & Press the Flesh - sponsored by Top Bucks/Pluginfeeds, and VOD.TopBucks

Women in Adult Cocktail Hour - sponsored by WIA

Forum Bash on Mill Ave - held at "The Library"

Dinner @ The Bamboo - sponsored by CCBill

Lightspeed Dinner Party - sponsored by Shannon & Steve Lightspeed

Rocky Whorer Dick-Sure Show - sponsored by BadPuppy, Bedfellow, Cybersocket, Mansites and Pridebucks

Saturday Buffet Lunch

Hot Air Ballon Ride - sponsored by and

Lightspeed's Viper - generously loaned to JFK by Steve Lightspeed

Gameworks at the Phoenix Forum - sponsored by RealityCash and LightspeedCash

GayAfterHours Party - sponsored by Mansites and PrideBucks

Forum Closing Reception/Barbecue - frozen Margarita bar compliments of Top Bucks

Forum Afterhours Finale - sponsored by LightspeedCash Shoot

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