Wow, it's Las Vegas again. Having attended Cybernet Expo last year, I was really
looking forward to it again. And you know what....
I was not disappointed. The show may not be on scale with other large promotions,
however it's what you make of opportunities. It was held at the Tropicana, a reasonably priced property on the strip. The show floor was a mixture of content providers, DVD &
VHS distributors and a couple of legendary "Cat Houses", mixed with the usual eye
candy.It was well attended all days we were there by both webmasters as well as
paying public. It seems the event brought in several larger concerns who although not affiliated with the event used the opportunity to do business, staying and entertaining
at other hotels. It's too bad they did not care to support the event that brought the
people in town, but that's another story. There was the usual array of seminars on the
usual topics as well as the hospitality suite running concurently with the show with
beers, sandwiches and cold cut trays sponsored by LightSpeed Cash and Profit
Plantation. The highlight to most people were the after hours events, like the
Welcoming Reception (sponsored by Adultplex & Spanky's Content) and the
hospitality suite put on by Platinum Bucks. This is where it was all happening
during the after hours (and we have the pics to prove it). As well a couple of
"Hall" parties till their suite opened up. Like the one on thursday night when
Brent from Python scored a couple of 24's on ice and we partied in the hall till
Platinum Tony showed up to open the suite. From there it just escalated. The same
can be said for all the other nights as well. The entire event was an excellent
opportunity to network. And one can have some laughs along with the neverending
libations. An event like this is ideal for recent arrivals in our business as well as
the seasoned pros. You never know what new trick you will learn (even if it's
taking a bubble jacuzzi with a couple of hot chickies... hehehe). We recomend the
event as a cost effective way of doing and perhaps improving your business.

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