Island Gathering Curacao 2003 Galleries
Special Thanks to, and
Shaliza for the last second arrangements. This trip would not
have been possible without them.
Thank you



Welcome Cocktail Party

Around the Hotel

Hospitality Suite - sponsored by Fla$hCa$h

Breakfast Buffet - sponsored by No Credit Card on Saturday Oct 4 and Combo Cash on Sunday Oct 5

Poolside Bar

BellyFlop Contest

Dinner @ Mambo - sponsored by Combo Cash

Brunch & Snorkle - sponsored by Dollarmachine

Encounter the Dolphins - sponsored by Lightspeed Cash

Epoch Extravaganza - dinner at "Bistro Le Clochard" courtesy of Epoch Transaction Services

Downtown Curacao

Bonaire Snorkeling

Dinner @ Sjalotte - sponsored by Consumption Junction

The Mirage - sponsored by Fla$hCa$h


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