4TH Annual Ontario WM Bash 2003 Gallery
Hosted By The Notorious SheepGuy of CuntMaster's!
Sponsored By The Infamous JFK of F.U.B.A.R.!
Bar Tab Covered By Generous Jay of Objectcube!

Door Prize (Content!!) Contributed By The Talented Ros Vegas!
Door Prize (1 Premium AVS Site Design!!) From Amazing Adult Design Group!
1500 Free Pics For All Webmaster's Courtesy of Dangerous Daniel G!

Well the BBQ was once again awesome. Thank you Dan! Great food
and better company. Everyone who showed up wants to thank you
for all your planing and hard work. We had a good time in
spite of the weather. And to JFK we missed you.
Get better soon cause even with some help from
Stevesonic and Ros Vegas
we are certainly not up to your usual standard of picture taking.

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